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Sunday Service

Be Empowered and Encouraged

Every Sunday 10:30am

You will receive a very warm welcome! Enjoy inspirational worship music and an anointed message of hope and encouragement. Complimentary refreshments are served after the service.

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Sunday School

The Next Generation

Every Sunday 10:30am

We believe in investing in children who are the next generation. Sunday School classes teach valuable life application lessons through songs, games, films and stories.
The children learn the importance of being kind to others, respecting rules and have lots of fun in the process.

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Open Door

Community Outreach

Every Tuesday 10am-12pm

With this initiative, our goal is to provide a safe and relaxing environment for the community to come along and socialise. Many come to meet their other friends, some seek counsel and support for ongoing issues in their life and then many just simply want to meet new people. Whatever the reason everyone is welcome and with onsite nursery facility you can even bring the kids along!

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Bible Study

Seek a Deeper Knowledge of Gods Word

Every Wednesday 7:30pm

Our bible studies are a great way to find out how to apply the principles of God’s word to your life. The studies are held in a relaxed environment and bible topics are discussed in a group.
We aim to make everyone as comfortable as possible. No one is put under pressure, so you can listen without feeling you have to say something.
Free refreshments are served before and after the meeting.

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Family Service

Connecting The Community 

We host a Family Service periodically throughout the year on a Sunday.  This gives the children the opportunity to join in the service by performing songs, bible readings and plays, bringing in all they have learnt in Sunday School.  This is a wonderful time to invite all your family and join in the fun!
A complimentary buffet and refreshments are provided

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Mens Breakfast

A complimentary breakfast is provided and creates an opportunity for men to come together in a relaxed and informal environment. Men will be encouraged and find support to explore the challenges of faith in modern life.

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Ladies Meetings

Empowering Women

Be uplifted, encouraged and strengthened to face challenges confidently as a woman in today’s modern world, through inspirational music, life changing stories and meeting new friends.
Complimentary Refreshments provided

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